10 Freaky Diseases You Won’t Believe Really Exist

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10 Freaky Diseases You Wont Believe Really Exist

I don’t know about you, but when I get ill I usually like to moan about it a lot; but maybe we should all thank our lucky stars that most of us only come down with the occasional cold, because there are much worse options out there. Look at some of the symptoms of the diseases listed here and they read like unbelievable horror stories. Worms living inside you, your skin turning into bark, uncontrollable hair growth; all of a sudden a blocked nose and a cough doesn’t sounds too bad does it? It’s scary to think how fragile the body can be, although most of these diseases are very rare so you don’t need to concern yourself too much.

As you read this list of weird, freaky diseases, spare a thought for those suffering with them and be thankful that the majority of ailments you’ll ever have can be cured with some antibiotics and bed rest.

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