5 Shocking Female Bodies

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There’s an old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes there are things that are so ugly, striking or shocking that everyone can pretty much agree on it, no matter what. Which brings us to these images below, which are breathtaking for different reasons, but so compelling that you won’t be able to look away, though in nearly every case, you wish you could.

Most Pierced Woman

Elaine Davidson holds the Guinness World Record as the woman with the most piercings. The last time her piercings were tallied, Davidson had more than 9,000 of them all over her and inside her body in places you can’t see and shouldn’t wonder about when it comes to a human being. Davidson was born in Brazil, but lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is a combination you don’t see that much, right? This is taking body modification to a whole ‘nother level. Davidson own a shop that offers…yep, you guessed it, piercing, as well as tattoos, hair braids, homemade jewelry and Aromatherapy. Despite her appearance, Davidson lives clean, doesn’t smoke, use drugs or engage in any illegal activity.

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