How We Visited Over 50 Countries Spending $8 a Day

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Allow me to introduce ourselves, we are travel bloggers from Poland who were eager to see the world but didn’t have a lot of money. Here’s a story about our journey!
To begin with we acquired an old van for $600, with a little bit of magic we made it look nice, took our tents, food supplies and simply took off.

Over the last 6 years we visited more than 50 countries traveling around 150,000 km on 5 different continents. Our van and tents provided all our sleeping accommodations and we cook our own food. Many of you are asking how did we manage to travel on such a low cost and so this is how it was done. The main expenditure cost is getting the fuel and this is why other people traveled along with us and shared the cost for fuel. We take our time traveling and would often stay in one place for several days to save the fuel. A lot of people would ordered post-cards from the places we visit and this would help us purchase gas.

As we already mentioned we never paid for accommodations as we would use our van and tents to cover that. Sometimes strangers would be kind to let us stay at their homes and Poles living abroad would often offer their help too. We do not eat at restaurants so we get our food in supermarkets and eat we we cook. Any unforeseen circumstances like vehicle repairs are also handled by us, over the years we learned how to do it. Whenever we do actually need mechanics to help us, they frequently offer their assistance for free just by being impressed by our trip. Whenever we need to travel between continents we transport our van by ship.
Our vehicle also has a shower tank to cover all the bathroom necessities.

Sometimes we get sponsored by various benefactors to cover costs of shipping from continent to continent, in return we would advertise their content on our van.
Our travel blog became the most popular travel blog in Poland and this what helps us acquire funds too. All we need for our work is internet and a laptop. We also published to travel books which brings additional income. Another source of income is photography and advertising in exotic locations which companies pay us for too. Another hobby/job is doing graphic design and IT work online.

And finally here are some of the pictures from our travels

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